Bankruptcy Is Our Country’s Safety Net


Wall Street Journal, July 24 2009

There’s a surge in personal bankruptcy filings at the moment, for obvious reasons. Some 30,000 Americans are filing each week, and the figures could top 1.4 million for the year.

But too many people are talking about bankruptcy as if it’s a sign this country’s social safety net has failed.

It isn’t. Bankruptcy is part of the safety net. Other countries have welfare states, America has bankruptcy. And so long as you plan ahead, it doesn’t have to wipe you out.

If you are smart you could get through a bankruptcy filing and still keep your home, your retirement savings, the childrens’ college funds, your car and your personal effects. Amazingly, according to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, you may even get your credit cards back pretty soon — whether that is a good thing is another matter.

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