Stop whatever you are doing, gather staff, family, and friends, and take the one minute needed to have everyone you know do the following:
Phone AND email your Senator. Say:
“Hi, I’m [Name] and I live in [town]
I’m calling to urge Senator ___ to vote for S. 61.
Senator ____ should stand up to the big banks and support S. 61

It’s easy, click on the link to email your two Senators and copy and paste the short email above or make up your own, then call the toll free number twice for each Senator in your state and read the above lines are just tell them in your own words. JUST DO IT!

Here’s the email and phone number:

Email your Senators (24/7):

Phone your Senators (9am – 6pm EST) (you will need to phone twice to reach both of your Senators):

TOLL FREE: 877.354.4958

I have seen Debtors lose their homes because Bankruptcy Judges’ hands were tired. These judges could not change outrageously high interest rates on an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) after the interest rate adjusted upwards more than 10% in some cases.

I know this new law will save our homes because I have studied and practiced bankruptcy law for more than 15 years. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of the federal bankruptcy laws to call your Senators, however. What do you have to lose? … YOUR HOME!

Here’s a communication I received from an association of consumer bankruptcy attorneys who represent the best interests of Debtors. They are called the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Everyone calls it NACBA for short. I am a member, and I support NACBA.

S.61 – the mortgage modification legislation currently pending in the Senate – is not going to come up for a vote unless we can generate a significant amount of support for it.
In other words, unless NACBA members mobilize to get phone calls and emails going to Senators’ offices, the proposal will not move forward. This is our last chance to get it passed. We know that the banking industry, community banks, and credit unions are flooding Senate offices with calls in opposition. Where are our voices?
The bottom line: passage of the mortgage modification legislation depends on you – there is no one else who can generate the kind of heat on Senators that our members can. NACBA’s leadership and legislative team are working overtime to keep up the momentum – but they cannot do it alone.
Even if you and your contacts called and wrote to Senators during House consideration of the measure, you must gear up and do it all over again.

Again, it’s EASY. Just ask everyone and anyone you know – staff, clients, friends, family, and colleagues – to phone AND email in by following the directions below:

We can make the difference this time – if you make a commitment to get this done!

Email your Senators (24/7):

Phone your Senators (9am – 6pm EST) (you will need to phone twice to reach both of your Senators):
TOLL FREE: 877.354.4958