Crazy Debt Collector Answering Machine Message

Debt collectors constantly cross the line. They at least work hard to walk right up to the line. There are laws that protect you from inappropriate debt collection, but many of them are complicated and debt collectors are always devising systems that try to harass you while trying to stay barely within the guidelines of the law. One of these rules, of course, is not to discuss your debt situation with anyone else. Below is a tape of an actual recording devised by a debt collector to get around this matter while at the same time using a recording devise to spread the news about the debt. Does it cross the line? You decide. The truth of the matter is that the automatic stay provisions of the Bankruptcy Code are often your best recourse to stop all calls. Many times the issue is not just one debt that is unpaid. Often times you are overwhelmed with debt. This requires a more global response to solving your debt problems and in getting a fresh start that only bankruptcy can provide.