What Does Limiting Your Practice To Bankruptcy Mean?

J. Brian Allen limits his practice in the State of Texas to representing people and companies in bankruptcy. What does that mean, exactly?

In Texas you cannot use terms like you “specialize” in bankruptcy because those terms have a very specific legal meaning, which the State Bar of Texas believes represents qualities or qualifications that a lawyer might or might not have. So the State Bar of Texas restricts the use of those terms.

Instead, if all that a lawyer does in the State of Texas is bankruptcy representation, he or she must state simply that his or her practice is “limited” to bankruptcy.

That is the situation here. In the State of Texas I am licensed only in the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts for the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas. I therefore limited my practice to assisting people and companies in filing bankruptcy in this area. Since being licensed I have assisted thousands of people in determining if bankruptcy was best for them. Under the new bankruptcy law enacted in 2005 I have helped hundreds of people do the same under the new law.

If you are having debt or financial problems, I will be happy to help you. Just give me a call.